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Summer is a time for road trips, so pack some sammiches and soda in a cooler, throw the kids in the back of the station wagon, and map your course for Elgin Park. Michael Paul Smith has built a better past, and he's giving you the grand tour.

But the journey doesn't end there. You'll get to pass through Coal Country and the Rust Belt on your way to the volcanoes of Hawaii. When it's all over, rest your eyes on that other American Institution: the Pin-Up.

Yea...summer is pretty awesome.

See ya in a few months! Thank you for reading.

-Dan, Editor-in-Chief

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Volume Six, Issue Two
Summer, 2014
Cover photo by Michael Paul Smith

Chasing Ghosts: Relics of Rust Belt Days Gone By - Derek Chase  |  Selected works from Richard Wohlfart | Building a Better Past by Michael Paul Smith  |  STRONGBOX talks to John Welsh (Director) and Alana Mauger (Co-Producer and Writer) about their upcoming documentary film Beyond the Breaker  |  Breaking Through - Leigh Hilbert  |  Pin-Up: An American Tradition by A Surprise Guest

Glimpses: Mike Thurston

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